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About Us

Our team is deeply passionate about helping Murfreesboro brides showcase their true beauty on their wedding day. We believe that every bride deserves a gown that reflects her individual style and elegance. Our classic and dreamy gowns are designed to not only be visually stunning but also comfortable, allowing you to exude confidence and grace as you walk down the aisle. At Liz Leigh Bridal Studio, our mission is to create an unforgettable experience for brides-to-be.

Our Story

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

At Liz Leigh Bridal Studio, our goal is to serve brides-to-be with high-quality, unique, designer gowns at competitive prices. 

Our mission is to deliver a unique gown that complements you and your wedding. Our team works hard to help Murfreesboro brides match the true beauty that defines them.  That’s why our gowns are classic and dreamy while remaining comfortable and elegant.

At Liz Leigh Bridal Studio, we believe in the power of community. We actively participate in local events and empower meaningful connections within our community. We are more than just a bridal studio; we are dedicated to building relationships and supporting our brides every step of the way.

Our Team

Meet Our Bridal Team



Kelly, the inspirational force and founder of Liz Leigh Bridal. With a thriving career in the mortgage industry, she’s a Murfreesboro powerhouse renowned for her unyielding dedication to helping others. Kelly’s entrepreneurial spirit brought our bridal haven to life, while her influence resonates in every corner. Her most impactful contribution is the Christ-centered example she sets—a beacon of strength and grace that energizes and guides our team. Kelly is more than our leader; she embodies resilience and generosity that inspires us to deliver excellence every day.



Bailey, the administrative maestro, and stylist extraordinaire. Renowned for her unflappable poise and supportive nature, Bailey is the pillar that stands resolute amidst the swirl of bridal excitement. She thrives under any circumstance, ensuring every aspect of the boutique runs seamlessly. As Kelly’s lifelong friend and a devoted mother to two beautiful children, Bailey’s nurturing spirit transcends her work, making her a cherished member of the Liz Leigh family. Her role is pivotal, her presence calming, and her dedication unwavering.

Mrs. Marilyn


Mrs. Marilyn, the heartwarming and skilled artisan who has graced us with her golden touch after journeying from the sunny expanses of Nevada. With a deep-rooted love for yarn, fabric, and the timeless art of sewing, she is our go-to expert for all bridal gown alterations. She is dedicated to ensuring that each wedding gown fits to perfection, embodying each bride’s unique vision. Her warm personality and nurturing spirit have quickly endeared her to colleagues and clients alike.

Numbers Don't Lie!

From the time we opened our Off-The-Rack bridal store in Murfreesboro, we have served many happy clients, partnered with popular wedding dress brands, and hired employees as illustrated below: 

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