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How Liz Leigh Bridal Was Born

One of my favorite things, other than my piping hot coffee, is to get to the studio before everything starts happening for the day. As I sit in the middle of the show room, I look around and see gorgeous gowns, accessories, and beautiful colors that warm the space, but more than that, I feel a sense of gratitude and hope from the brides who have graced our threshold to the ones who have yet to experience the Liz Leigh way.

When I started this venture, I had no idea where it would lead me. From a small idea, to a major imprint in the lives of so many brides to be! You see, my own bridal experience was actually
very hard. We didn’t know we needed appointments anywhere we went, every store was chaotic, and as I got tired toward the end of the day, I found my dress. However, the owner of the store was not very nice to me. She told me I had waited too long and would never get my dress on time and I needed to choose something else. (I was newly engaged!!)

I got the WORST migraine and left…defeated. This was 10 years ago, and I had a really decent budget. Why would she do this? My friend from New Jersey, who couldn’t attend, called to see how my day went. I told her mostly about the last appointment, to which she replied, “I have a friend in Bridal, let me see what I can do.” Not only did they find my dress, but I didn’t have to wait on shipping.

Fast forward 8 years to 2022. Cargo ships were unable to port, many goods were delayed– including wedding gowns.

After a lot of prayer, we saw a need we wanted to fill: New wedding gowns, high end name brands, ready to take home THE DAY IT’S BOUGHT!

It’s now our third year in business, and hundreds of brides later, we have over 300 different gowns at any time, some of the biggest brand names, and consultants who are experts in their field.

We would LOVE to host you or your friends and family to show you more of what Liz Leigh Bridal Studio is all about!

Appointments can easily be booked on or by calling 615-785-3122. We look forward to your visit and we truly appreciate your support!
-Kelly Cearing

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